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What is Software Asset Management and how does it work?

Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management – Staying updated and at the forefront of current technological transformations is undoubtedly one of the keys to achieving the long-awaited success in the business world. In the middle of the 21st century, where each step we take is framed within the pillars of the digital age, we need to know how to take advantage of each technological tool available in the market in order to advance and strengthen the position of our organization in society.

Among all the elements that daily allow us to consolidate our brand, products and services in the market, one of the most essential is Software Asset Management . A software that has a highly technological infrastructure through which entrepreneurs have the opportunity to reduce costs, optimize resources and time, guarantee compliance with high quality standards, increase the productivity of the products and licenses used by the organization. , among others.

With the objective that you can take advantage of each and every one of the advantages that this software offers in economic and productive terms, in this note we will explain what it is, the whole thing, and why it is an essential element for your company to reach a position competitive in the market.

Asset Management Software: What it is and how it works

The IT infrastructure in a company is made up of a set of multiple hardware and software tools responsible for managing and ensuring the operation of each technological activity of the organization. However, in order for the infrastructure and its components to function optimally and properly, it is essential to have software that watches over the life cycle of all your IT assets for you, that is, Software Asset Management .

SAM, for its acronym in English, is a technological solution that allows you to efficiently administer and manage the life cycle of your software assets and licenses. In this way, your organization can maximize the performance and response of its IT tools, while reducing the legal and operational risks associated with the ISO 19770 standards of ownership and use of software licenses and assets.

Software Asset Management

translation of Software Asset Management, together with business process control systems or business process management , are part of a broader corporate discipline known as “IT Asset Management”. Both are in charge of offering you those tools you need to increase productivity and efficiency in each and every one of the IT elements that are use within your organization, while allowing you to work ethically with respect to the use of licenses. software.

Although it is easy to understand how SAM works, this should not lead us to underestimate the work it does, since, thanks to the fact that it tracks and maintains direct and strict control over all existing software assets in the company, with their use, each company initiates a: balance the balance between the number of licenses purchased and the number of licenses used, that is, it decreases the costs of unused software. In the same way, it ensures compliance with all business security standards and parameters, a fact that allows it, in the event of an audit, to pass any type of evaluation related to the use of software licenses.

Advantages of Asset Management Software

In order for all IT elements  to function correctly, it is necessary to carry out constant monitoring that accounts for their efficiency and compliance with functions. Regardless of the type of IT technology you want to use in your organization, you need to adopt IT asset management software so that you can correct operational errors, prevent future risk situations, balance the number of licenses purchased with the percentage consumption and use, and in general, increase the productivity and effectiveness of your entire IT environment.

Carrying out this monitoring through Asset Management Software, you can enjoy some advantages such as the following:

  • Reduce the risk of sanctions during an audit.
  • Reduce the chances of falling into a scam for acquiring pirated software.
  • Ensure full compliance with all the parameters established in the ISO 19770 standards.
  • Increase the percentage of cost savings for software licenses that are not being use.

Ensure the proper functioning and use of all software assets.

Having a technological infrastructure that meets the demands of your client and the needs of your company is becoming easier today thanks to the services provided by companies such as newdigitalhub. Trust us as your strategic ally in this digital transformation and adopt the best technological tools and equipment for your organization. Our broad portfolio not only includes assets such as software asset management or software license optimization, but also services such as robotic process automation, or RPA. Do not hesitate any longer and stay at the forefront of the transformations of the digital age.

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