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Trends for 2023 in digital transformation

digital transformation

digital transformation – In order to provide us with increasingly sophisticated tools and services, every day thousands of people work to transform technology and advance to new and innovative levels. In recent years, thanks to digital transformation processes, companies have had the opportunity to improve their internal operations and offer better products or services to their customers.

So that you can stay at the technological forefront, below, we share the trends that will lead the way of digital transformation in 2023:

Increased use of Artificial Intelligence and Further Boom in Automation

Automation of business processes in areas such as inventory management, customer service, billing, receipt of requests, accounting, marketing, etc., is gaining ground thanks to the endless advantages that its adoption offers. Many companies will continue to boost their operations by adopting these technological solutions to improve efficiency, reduce costs, reduce manual workload, improve decision-making processes, data analysis, among others.

Greater focus on customer experience: Digital transformation trends will also focus on customer experience, as companies will seek to improve the way they interact with their customers through the creation of fully personalized products and services. To do this, they will use different elements such as chatbots, customer service management software, social listening and customer data management tools, omnichannel platforms, among others.

Acceleration of cloud adoption

The cloud has allowed organizations not only to access greater agility and flexibility in the adoption of new technologies, but also to achieve high-quality IT services without having to invest in expensive infrastructures. As a consequence of this, the cloud will continue to set trends as a platform for storing and processing data, which is estimate to help companies boost their operations, guaranteeing that their collaborators can access files, programs, programs at any time and from anywhere. documents and others that you need.

Greater emphasis on security and data privacy: As more companies adopt digital technology and collect more data, it becomes more and more necessary and essential to be able to guarantee the security and privacy of all stored information. According to what was expressed by Christian Borst, technological director of the American company expert in cybersecurity “Vectra AI”, in this 2023, many companies will have to face various cybercrimes that will be directed especially at their local systems, cloud infrastructures and SaaS applications. .

For this reason, it is estimated that the number of companies that hire or make use of technological solutions through which they can protect themselves against cyberattacks and ensure the privacy of their data and that of their customers will increase.

Greater use of emerging technologies: Emerging technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality and the Internet of Things will also be part of the digital trends by 2023, the year in which they are expected to have a significant impact on how companies interact with their customers and how they operate in the future.

Importance of staying at the digital forefront

The reasons that drive companies every year to increase their budget to follow digital transformation trends are innumerable. In the first place, it is proven that the adoption of digital technologies and the modernization of business processes through tools such as RPA or software management, greatly improve the levels of efficiency, productivity, communication and coordination among the employees of a company; This fact generates not only greater profitability and competitiveness in the market, but also helps organizations to easily adapt to the constant changes that the industry is going through.

Additionally, staying ahead of the digital curve can be essential to attracting and retaining top talent, as it has shown that young, highly-skill workers often seek out innovative and modern companies that use cutting-edge technologies. Similarly, we cannot forget the impact it has on users, since using modern technological solutions contributes to meeting customer expectations and providing a high-quality experience.

Keep in mind that modern customers expect to be able to interact with organizations quickly and conveniently through digital channels, and companies that don’t keep up with the latest technologies can easily lose consumers to the competition. If you do not want this to be your case, contact us!

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