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Things of Internet : How Does it Work And What Advantages Does it Offer to Companies?

Things of Internet

Things of Internet – Among all the terms of the digital age, one of the best known, without a doubt, is: the Internet of Things (IoT) . This curious name refers to the technological process that allows everyday items to be connected to a specific internet network and thus generates a communication link between them. Although many people associate this technology with the interconnection between domestic objects (coffee maker, television, blinds, refrigerator, etc.), in the business field, this process is also useful and extremely valuable, since it allows them to connect physical devices with reality, establishing unparalleled communication between processes, machinery, equipment and collaborators. In order for your company to take the digital transformation process to another level with the help of technological experts such as newdigitalhub, in this note we will explain what the concept of the Internet of Things consists of, what benefits it offers and how we can help you that all these integrations work optimally and accurately.  

Why is the Internet of Things so important today?

Although the Internet of Things is a concept that some perceive as recent and somewhat futuristic, in fact, we have been using this technology in our daily lives for many years, so much so that today the number of people who use it to develop different activities transcends the hundreds of millions. According to one of the reports shared by Statista , there are currently more than 13 billion devices associated to the Internet of Things around the world; It is estimated that this phenomenon will continue to strengthen day by day, reaching more than 29 billion in 2030. Its constant use and importance lies especially in the “interconnectivity” factor. The IoT allows through sensors, software, Big Data technology, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, IA, among other technological solutions, to build a communication network between various physical objects. In addition to generating an interconnection between the digital and physical world, this technology also allows information to be collected, stored, and exchanged between the different connected devices, a fact that allows for increase efficiency in the development of an activity, without direct human intervention. 

Internet of things in companies

Now, focused entirely on the corporate field, the term changes a bit to “Business Internet of Things” or EIoT (Enterprise Internet of Things, in English). In this specific field, EIoT contributes to the growth and development of organizations that incorporate it into their processes and infrastructure, since it allows them to: stay at the forefront of technological advances, increase their level of competitiveness through services and products that really adjust to the needs of your target audience, improve the management of your company, increase the degree of efficiency of your processes, among many other benefits.  

Application of the Internet of things in companies

The EIoT is characterize by its versatility and high adaptability, so that, regardless of the size of the company or its economic activity, this technology can be adjuste to the needs and conditions of the organization. For example, from the marketing department, the Internet of Things makes it possible to enhance the capabilities of the team, optimize the segmentation of the target audience, generate campaigns with a greater degree of reach and personalization, improve the entire customer experience and management process, optimize methods of data collection and analysis, etc.


Undoubtedly, the Internet of Things has several examples , since it is also extremely useful in the inventory management department. Thanks to its technology, the company no longer needs to worry about hiring a large workforce that is in charge of carrying out manual inventory and keeping an eye on each item that enters and leaves the warehouse, since the tools of the Internet of Things They allow you to maintain clear, effective and real-time control of everything that happens in the warehouse. With this, the company has the ability to optimize its workflow, improve its operation, save time and resources, and make decisions, at any time, based on real information. 

How can newdigitalhub help EIoT to work efficiently?

Although it is undeniable that this technology is capable of providing countless advantages from any department within the company, in order for it to function at its maximum, it necessarily needs to rely on other tools and technological solutions. For example, to generate this interconnection between devices, the EIoT uses various types of software, which will be in charge of establishing said connection and collecting, storing and exchanging information of great value. If your company gets to the point of acquiring and using countless different licenses in order to get the most out of EIoT, there will come a point where it will be very difficult for you to have clarity about the life cycle, operation, level of productivity, etc. , of all your IT assets. However, this does not mean that you should forget to use this technology and enjoy the advantages of the internet of things , since in newdigitalhub, through our Software Asset Management servicesand Software License Optimization, we can help you efficiently manage and administer all your licenses so that you can increase your life cycle, decrease costs for software that does not generate any profit, and in general.

Efficiently manage all your IT assets.


Furthermore, it is no secret to anyone that implementing these technologies implies carrying out a complete digital transformation process within the company. For this project, newdigitalhub has a team of expert professionals at your disposal, who will provide you with greater clarity on the tools, programs and software you need to take your business to the next level. These are just few of the ways in which newdigitalhub can help you meet your goal of innovating your operation through the use of EIoT; However, we also have other services for optimizing business processes and automating tasks, through which you can fully empower and innovate your company. Do not miss this opportunity to improve the operation of your company and contact us!

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