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Game Developer

A game developer develops games and software for use on computers and other electronic devices. Game developers create both digital and physical video games. A person who makes a game could be called a game designer, programmer, or artist, depending on their specific role in developing a game. There are many different ways to make money in the gaming industry.

Who is a Game developer?

The game developer is a person who creates video games, plays them, and edits them. To make a video game, someone has to create the art, design the story, write the gameplay (or code, depending on how you look at it), and package everything together.

The game’s creator is usually a single person; however, sometimes, they collaborate with others to create a game. When done right, a game can last for years and have millions of players.

When making a game, several things go into the creation. Many times, it takes years and effort to develop a game. When a game starts small, then grows into something bigger, it takes a lot of planning before anything happens. One step could be the concept; another could be the story storyline. Another could be the gameplay. Once all these parts work together, the actual art begins.

How to become a Game developer?

• Learn C++

Learn C++ to make games or do any programming work at a professional level. It’s free online for anyone who wants to learn the language, so start immediately! C++ is mainly used in developing video games, so it’s recommended to learn this language.

You’ll have to know how to program variables, arrays, loops, strings, etc. If you’re starting, I recommend using CodeBlocks to practice coding before moving on to Xcode or Visual Studio.

• Use Game Maker Studio

Game maker studio is a powerful tool for people who want to make their games. It’s free and has some fantastic online tutorials for beginners. You can use different tools to create your own game, and you can choose between 2D, 3D, or both depending on what kind of game you’d like to make.

• Watch Tutorials

When you first begin to code, watch a lot of tutorials. YouTube is an excellent place to go for videos about making games. Also, could you look for videos on It’s a website where you can find tons of educational content for free.

There are lots of tutorials on C++, Unity, and other languages that you may want to learn if you don’t already know them.

• Join a Community

You should join a community if you want to improve as a programmer. Many communities offer courses and workshops to help you get better. These communities often have competitions to encourage programmers to submit their best programs.

After you’ve joined a community, try participating in the weekly challenges they set up. This way, you can show off your skills and potentially win prizes.

• Practice Programming Exercises

If you’re having trouble with a particular concept, try doing some programming exercises. Ensure you’re practicing something relevant to the topic you’re struggling with.

To help keep yourself organized, you can save many of these exercises online on sites like GitHub. This enables you to save your progress and share your code with others.

• Attend Meetups

There are meetups everywhere nowadays. These gatherings usually consist of developers of all skill levels. Typically, a few speakers give talks while attendees discuss topics together over drinks. Most of the time, meetups are held once a week. You’ll be able to attend one near you by searching Google.

• Keep Your Skills Up-to-Date

It’s always wise to keep your skills up-to-date, especially in technology. Technology changes extremely fast, so keeping up to date requires constant effort. Luckily, there are lots of websites out there that have tons of free educational content. Try checking out Codecademy, Udacity, Khan Academy, and Coursera. They have courses on everything from web development to artificial intelligence.

Career as a Game developer

Game Design/Programming

Game design involves making sure everything looks good and runs right according to the rules set out by the designer. You have to ensure the player knows what’s going on at any given moment. If they don’t understand what’s happening, they can do nothing except die. As a result, programming skills become essential.

Game programming teaches how to use a computer language to create a program. In some ways, programming is similar to writing in that you need to know how to write coherently, clearly, and concisely while being able to express yourself in terms of logical statements.

Game Development

When you think about video games, you probably assume that the developers work alone, but the reality is different. Regarding actual game development, it is common for teams of artists, designers, and programmers to work together to produce a finished game.

3D Animation

In addition to working alone, many people choose to team up to produce a more appealing product. One of the best forms of collaboration is 3D animation. Many companies employ their animators to help develop video game characters and environments.

Web Programming

Web programming is often done in tandem with web design. Many websites require elements to interact with one another in a certain way, and web programmers help ensure these interactions occur correctly.

Online Platforms

Platforms are websites where gamers play online games. These platforms range from dedicated servers hosting only one game to general-purpose computing systems hosting dozens or hundreds of fun simultaneously.

Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is estimated to generate 114 billion dollars annually. There are many jobs in the gaming industry, including marketing, programming, graphic designing, audio engineering, and much more.


Marketing in the gaming industry takes many forms. Some marketers advertise products on television and radio. Others may market through game magazines or offer gifts in exchange for information.


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