Eufy Security Cameras: Great Cost for Priceless Home Security

Eufy Security Cameras: Great Cost for Priceless Home Security

Eufy security cameras-We start to worry a little more about our safety when conditions are unpredictable, much like the crisis we are currently going through. However, feeling safe there is essential when we imprison inside our homes. As a result, purchasing a home security system eliminates a source of anxiety from your daily life. Anker has risen to the occasion by releasing an upgrade to its Eufy Security system and providing the service without a monthly membership. To puts it ahead of challengers like Nest right from the bat. What we think is as follows.

What is Home Eufy security cameras?

I used EufyCam 2 and two EufyCam 2C cameras in my testing. The latter comes with the HomeBase 2, the system’s central core.

EufyCam 2C will be our first choice. It is significant to note that this is an improvement over the previous eufyCam E. The more recent 2C model offers a 135-degree field of view and 1080p quality. In addition, the camera now has human and facial recognition capabilities and has been enhanced with a spotlight for night vision.

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Eufy increased the IP (ingress protection) rating from IP65 to IP67 with this iteration. As a result, the eufyCam 2C won’t allow any dust into the housing and can withstand wholly submerged in up to 1 metre of water for 30 minutes. So you won’t need to worry that rain will harm your security system.

So what about the eufyCam 2? Well, it has a lot of the same features as the 2C. You still have 1080p quality and a 140-degree field of view as opposed to the 2C’s 135 degrees. Additionally, it has improved AI following the 2C. Unfortunately, the eufyCam two does not have a spotlight. However, it has a Sony Starvis sensor, which produces high-quality photographs in either bright light or complete darkness.

With an IP67 rating, the eufyCam 2 is dust- and water-resistant. Resisting water and dust ingress is crucial here because I installed the eufyCam two as my “front door” cam (primarily since I reside in England, where we have a lot of both).

Installation Is Simple

Let’s face it, very few of us genuinely enjoy DIY. So it’s fantastic that installing the eufyCam two and 2C is simple.

The fixable mount with the eufyCam 2 provides a lot of rotation around its ball-and-socket joint. The housing is simple to disassemble and instal into the wall using two screws. The camera secures in place by rebuilding the housing.

A high-strength magnetic mount is also included with the eufyCam 2, allowing you to remove the camera from the wall without unscrewing it (as you would with a ball joint). However, it is not so simple that a gust of wind would knock it across the driveway.

It would be better to place the magnetic mount out of reach. As opposed to the ball joint mount, where a screw physically secures the camera, this mount allows for simple removal. By anybody, This raises the possibility that the camera is busy as a whole. The offender will have been identified, noted, and committed to the HomeBase 2 event log. Still, the trouble of identifying them and getting your unit back makes using the magnetic stand, at low levels, a pointless project. Place it tall up, entirely out of reach.

You can choose between the mentioned ball joint stand, but you can’t use both simultaneously.

The eufyCam 2C relies on the ball-and-socket joint for mobility since it lacks the magnetic mount.

Now here, Using the HomeBase 2 and the app, both cameras are extra to the total security system. This process is straightforward and as simple as pushing the sync button on the camera when requested by the app.

The software will then let you know if the wi-fi signal is strong enough where you want to install it.

Free Service Offered

Yes, that is accurate. After spending money on the equipment, the monitoring service is entirely free.

For a total of about $345, you may purchase both of these items; It is a tiny fee to pay for the initial setup. But the monthly cost makes Eufy Security different from its rivals. There isn’t one.

Eufy security cameras stores all of the recordings (referred to by the company as “events”) on its cloud, although it doesn’t charge for it. The app has a “contribute” option, but aside from that, there are no additional fees beyond the original investment.

We believe the Eufy security cameras system is already outpacing its rivals because of this. For its Protect Basic package, Ring, for instance, charges $3 each calendar month. It enables the use of a solitary device, like its camera doorbell. Up to three months’ worth of recordings are committed to local storage with Eufy Security, and you can have as many devices as your HomeBase 2 permits.

Hi-Def Recording

The 2C now has several additional functionalities, significantly enhancing performance. The camera is 1080p. Therefore the definition is unchanged from the earlier eufyCam E. The field of view is compact by five degrees, but that’s not a significant deal.

The 2C also features lighting, which is a huge benefit. Not only does it make any recordings made at night or in low light clearer, but it also enables you to record in colour at night. In addition, having an accurate description of any invaders, including their hair and clothing colours, has obvious security benefits. It could be the difference between catching an intruder and not after an incident.

Because of advancements in AI, the 2C camera’s facial recognition capabilities can now successfully identify faces in action taking place in front of it. Ideal for providing police with high-resolution pictures of Amazon package thieves!

The eufyCam two and 2C both include built-in two-way speakers, allowing you to communicate with anyone who comes to your door without ever leaving your couch. Download the app (available for Android and iOS), and you can talk to someone by pressing and holding the microphone icon at the bottom of each camera screen.

A Bucketload of Storage

The eufyCam 2C replaces the earlier eufyCam E’s SD card port with an eMMC slot. The manufacturer boasts that it may keep three months’ worth of events on the chip using the integrated storage, which can carry 16GB of data. Additionally, it will add a USB-powered storage expansion device. Unfortunately, this functionality is not yet available as of the time of writing.

The eufyCam 2’s 16GB eMMC provides three months of local recording storage, which functions precisely the same for both cameras.

You must enter your account to view any recorded data from the eufyCam two or 2C because it is all encrypted. But given the recent commotion over Ring’s security flaws, it would be wonderful to see two-factor authentication implemented on the Eufy devices.

It is important to remember that you will need to download and store the videos elsewhere if you intend to keep any of them after the allotted three months of eMMC storage. Old recordings will begin to be overwritten by the camera automatically.

Track Your Property From Anywhere

Of course, you get to include your entire “internet of things” with your Eufy Security system. Alexa and other voice assistants are entirely understandable to it. It also has powerful software enabling you to check your security system anywhere.

Additionally, you can change your security system via the app. For example, you can use it to toggle notifications on and off so that you won’t hear a bothersome buzz every time someone enters or exits your home.


Of course, you can keep an eye on your property via the app’s camera feeds. You may access the live stream for each camera by clicking on it, allowing you to view what is happening immediately. It reaches by devices which appear on the screen.

The “Events” menu item provides a timeline of all the events the camera has captured. In addition, they show time-stamped screenshots of the day they made. You can view any event by tapping the one you want to watch.

Security” is the last screen. It enables you to modify the entire system for various situations, such as when you’re at home and away from home, and you can even completely turn it off if you’re feeling bold.

Impressive Battery Power

The updated 2C delivers 180 days of battery life on a single charge as opposed to the earlier Eufy Cam E’s entire year, representing a six-month battery power shortfall. But you’re good if you can handle the enormous discomfort of climbing a ladder twice a year rather than just once.

I chose to test the EufyCam two as the “primary camera” at the front of the house because it can run for an entire year on only one battery. Since there is the most traffic here, there are the most potential occurrences. However, your security rarely jeopardizes it because it only needs to be charged once every 365 days.

Of course, if you connect the built-in USB to a solar charger positioned next to the camera, you can avoid ever having to remove them. Unfortunately, no Eufy home security bundle includes a solar charger; you must order one separately.

Overall a Great System

Eufy Security is an excellent alternative whether you’re installing your first system or upgrading from your current setup because of its customization, simplicity of installation, and 100% free post-sale servicing.

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The peace of mind is, in my opinion, worth every dollar you spend on the Eufy home security system. I’ve been impressed so far, but seeing how the battery charge holds up after a year will be interesting.

Guidelines for Eufy security cameras

  • Update the firmware on your camera
  • Using a strong password will protect your wi-fi router.
  • Avoid creating accounts through third parties. Better to sign in using your email and a secure password.
  • Make your password strong! Use a password management programme, such as 1Password, KeePass, etc.
  • To restrict app access to your personal information, use the privacy settings on your device (do not give access to your camera, microphones, images, or location unless necessary)
  • Keep your app up to date.
  • Limiting ad monitoring on your device and using the largest ad networks (for example, on an iPhone, go to Privacy -> Advertising -> Limit and tracking) (for Google, go to your Google account and turn off ad personalization)
  • When you no longer use the app, ask that your data erase. Unfortunately, personal data is often not wholly deleted when an app removes it from a device.
  • If at all feasible, decline to let your data track while beginning a sign-up.
  • Should enable the Two-step verification.


Most of the time, Eufy Security cameras are our second choice, not our first. It is because they provide dependability, outstanding video quality, numerous power options, economical solutions, and interoperability with smart homes. Comparing Eufy to its rivals, it is a sound security system if you only need self-monitoring and low prices. However, Eufy might not be ideal if you need professional monitoring around the clock.

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