IWC Watches Everything You Need to Know Before Buying

IWC Watches Everything You Need to Know Before Buying

IWC Watches Everything You Need to Know Before Buying

IWC Watches-The {IWC} International Watch Company, commonly abbreviated IWC, was founded in Schaffhausen, a German-speaking town in Eastern Switzerland, in the middle of the 1880s by an American. Fine Swiss watchmaking was still fragmented work, performed primarily in houses, even though the industrial revolution had already occurred. IWC’s founder, Aristo Jones, had a distinctly American vision of an electrically-powered watch factory. Once hydroelectricity establishes in the region, IWC’s headquarters quickly became one of the most prolific watchmaking facilities in the world, taking on highly lucrative commercial and military contracts throughout the World Wars. (View a photo of their cutting-edge facilities here.)

IWC produced more mil-spec pilot’s watches during World Wars I and II than any other business, and the brand’s focus on aviation timepieces continues to this day. Additionally, they have dress watches, dive watches, and some elaborate complications with price tags in the hundreds of thousands in their current catalogue. IWC is one of the top Swiss watch manufacturers because of the quality of its products, which cover a larger spectrum than many other watch firms.

IWC enthusiasts often collect and obsess over pilot’s watches, and as the brand frequently refers to its historical catalogue, insiders frequently lament discrepancies between earlier models and their contemporary incarnations. Yet, intriguingly, few watches manufacturers change and enhance their timepieces as often as IWC does in response to user input. For instance, their renowned “Mark” series of watches have undergone a mind-bogglingly high number of versions, each of which seemed to satisfy and displease the enthusiasts in equal measure.

Years ago, IWC began gradually substituting its motions for those made by third parties (which the brand will specifically name “IWC-manufactured” in its spec list). This progression makes their current catalogue even more delicious because the value propositions are improving yearly, even at the lower end of their range, where these upgrades frequently occur without significant price hikes.

Pilot’s watches

IWC divides its line of pilot’s watches into five categories: Classics, Spitfire, Top Guns, Le Petit Prince, and Antoine De Saint-Exupéry (author of Le Petit Prince). Many of the watches in each category are similar; the case material and dial colour serve as the primary means of differentiation. Here’s a general breakdown of the IWC pilot’s watches:

Classic: the base of a broad-ranging collection on its pilots’ instruments of the 1930s and ’40s

Spitfire: Similar to Classic, but featuring a case back engraving of a Spitfire plane

Top Gun: ceramic case

Le Petit Prince: steel or golds case with blue dials and “Le Petit Prince”-theme case back

Antoine de Saint Exupéry: steel case with brown dials

IWC Pilot’s Watch Mark XVIII


IWC has improved on their most basic pilot’s watch, starting with the now highly collectable Mark XI, and this is the one that frequently sparks the most discussion among enthusiasts. Of course, forum nerds have fought over where the date window place, but this enthusiasm shows how appealing the Mark series pilot’s watches are. It’s also the least expensive watch offered by the company.

Dimensions: 40 mm

Movement: Cal. 35111 (based on Sellita SW300-1)

IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition “Tribute to 3705”


This watch is a genuine IWC classic that is a bit larger and has a weekday and date complexity in addition to a powerful three-register chronograph function. The Pilot’s Watch Chronograph is available in various variations, but the “Tribute to 3705” is fantastic because it is made of the company’s own ceramic-and-titanium “Ceratanium” material and is reminiscent of a collector favourite from the 1990s.

Dimensions: 41 mm

Movement: IWC 69380 automated motion

Big Pilot’s Watch

IWC Big Pilot’s Watch

Buy IWC Pilot's Watches Manufacture Classics 43 mm Watch at Ethos


The Big Pilot’s Watch is arguably IWC’s most recognisable timepiece. It might stand for the company above all others because of its enormous dial, ingenious power reserve display at 3 o’clock, and distinctive “onion” crown. With 46mm cases designed for wrists akin to those of Stallone and Schwarzenegger, these things truly live up to their Big name. However, there are other (still significant) 43mm versions.

Diameter: 46.2mm

Movement: 8-day power reserve manufactured calibre 52110

IWC Pilot’s Watch Timezoner Chronograph


A genuine world timer is a must-have for any pilot’s watch collection, and IWC is taking international travel seriously with the Timezoner model (this was less of a concern back in the short-flight days of the World Wars). In addition, different models of watches, including those with and without chronograph capabilities, can track the time in cities worldwide and the time in a second time zone.

Dimensions: 46 mm

Movement: IWC 89760 automated motion

The IWC Aquatimer

These IWC submersible divers are robust watches that fly under the radar. They have intriguing features and an original design that doesn’t borrow anything from the past. When viewed visually, a part that gives these waterproof watches a distinctive symmetry is the internal revolving timing bezel, which operates by the crown at 9 o’clock.

IWC Aquatimer Automatic

IWC Aquatimer Automatic 2017 for Rs.295,906 for sale from a Trusted Seller  on Chrono24


The Aquatimer Automatic is a watch for you if you only require the time, date, and rotating timing bezel. These timepieces can handle any aquatic excursion thanks to their 300 metres of water resistance. Additionally, there are chronograph variations and limited editions of the watch.

Dimensions: 42 mm

Movement: automated ETA 2892-A2

IWC Portuguese

Based on oversized timepieces created in the 1930s for two Portuguese merchants, these watches range in price from $7,250 to well into six-figure for grand complications, showing that IWC is committed to this platform and that the Portugieser cover a lot of ground for their customers base.

IWC Portugieser Chronograph

IWC Pilot's Watch Chronograph 41mm SS Blue dial for Rs.494,247 for sale  from a Trusted Seller on Chrono24


The Portugieser has a classy, no-nonsense vibe and is available in various configurations, including time-only variants, best recognised as a clock. Even though these watches have a very conservative and straightforward appearance, they are undoubtedly icons in the watch industry and, when viewed in person, live up to expectations regarding details and craftsmanship. However, don’t perform cannonballs in this one because the water resistance is only 30 metres.

Dimensions: 41 mm

Movement: IWC 69355 automated motion

IWC Ingenieur

Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe employed Gerald Genta in the 1970s to create the now-famous Royal Oak and Nautilus steel sports watches. IWC then hired a renowned designer to assist it in competing in this quickly growing industry. So, The outcome was the Ingenieur, a timepiece never as well-known as the Royal Oak or the Nautilus. The Ingenieur has utilised integrated bands and unconventional bezels similar to those watches for decades, but the contemporary model has reverted to a more traditional design. The Ingenieur, however, is affordable, attractive, robust, and adaptable for anyone looking for a sporty yet dressy watch that is 100% IWC.

IWC Ingenieur Automatic


One of the best daily selections in the entire IWC portfolio, this watch is straightforward, water resistant to 120 metres, tough enough for a busy weekend, and elegant enough for suit-and-tie occasions. The range also includes perpetual calendars and clocks, but this adaptable three-hander is the best example.

Dimensions: 40 mm

Movement: Sellita SW301-1 automated motion

IWC Portofino

We encounter a self-referential, colourful show of wealth when Cate Blanchett walks the red carpet wearing an IWC Portofino because the Italian beach town of Portofino is so wealthy and stunning. So with the Portofino, seize a piece of that impossible and fasten it to your wrist.


The International Watch Company (IWC), which has been a pioneer in producing high-end Swiss watches since 1868, was founded to fuse traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge production methods. The creative designs of IWC watches, which exquisitely, have earned them a reputation for being stylish.

Atlast, IWC is a well-known, wealthy watch company that caters to watch enthusiasts with various price points. IWC pilot watches with chronometer functions are available from them, which are highly sought-after. It facilitates flight-related calculations for pilots and other flyers. Additionally, IWC dive watches have low water resistance built for divers. Finally, the timepieces from IWC Portugal have a genuinely traditional look.

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