Matrix Power Watch 2 Never Charge Your Watch Again

Matrix Power Watch 2 Never Charge Your Watch Again

Matrix Power Watch 2-The advantage of a traditional watch over a smartwatch is that they rarely need to be recharged. However, the tagline for Matrix Powerwatch 2 is “Never Charge Your Watch Again.” The battery life is very close to infinity because it can recharge itself using a Gemini thermoelectric generator and a solar cell.

However, the watch is deficient in several other areas, and many functionalities are constrained to save energy. In addition, the price tag of $500 doesn’t correspond to the features.


Excellent never-charge your watch feature; premium quality polished aluminium body; 1.2-inch sapphire glass transflective screen.

  • The best battery life of any smartwatch on the market.
  • Waterproof for 200 metres or 20 ATMs.
  • Reliable GPS;
  • Quick and simple watch and app pairing.


  • Non-touch screen.
  • Sleep and HR tracking are inaccurate.
  • Numerous features, including GPS, notification alerts, and Bluetooth range limitations, are used to increase battery life.
  • Software for watches and mobile devices both needs to be improved.

Matrix Power watch 2: Cost

There are three variations of Power watch 2. Standard editions cost $499, Premium editions $599, and Deluxe editions cost $799. The build material and strap are different among the variations.

The costs initially seem absurd, right? Correct, as you can purchase the Garmin Fenix 6x for this price, one of the market’s most expensive and technologically advanced Wear-OS watches. Additionally, the cost is much higher than that of the preceding generation.

Matrix’s initial impression 2. Power watch

It looks beautiful right away! A very stylish and well-designed package includes Powerwatch 2. The watch, premium band, dock for charging, and papers are all in the box.

Simply unique is the watch. The body’s cosy black silicone band exudes a robust, durable appearance.

Matrix PowerWatch Series 2 review - The Gadgeteer

Like the watch, the charging station is excellent. However, there are a few situations where the charger can be necessary, even though you don’t use it very often, because it can recharge itself.

Matrix Power watch 2 Appearance

The hefty watch’s in the stores are 47mm in diameter and 16mm in thickness and are designed to fit large wrists. In addition, the body is now polished and doesn’t rip sleeves, unlike the Powerwatch X.

It sports a 1.2-inch transflective coloured screen. We are familiar with transflective screens, which have difficulty remaining visible at night. However, the information is still visual at night, thanks to the backlight.

The Matrix Power watch 2 includes four navigation buttons: Up, Down, Select, and Back controls because it lacks a touchscreen. Although the lack of a touchscreen in a $500 watch is disappointing, the buttons attractively design and serve their purpose.

Matrix Power watch 2-Technical Specs

The Matrix Power watch 2 is a big watch with a 22mm silicone strap manufactured of aircraft-grade aluminium. The best feature is the unidentified battery’s eternal battery life.

  • CPU: Ambiq Apollo.
  • Screen: 1.2-inch sapphire glass screen with transflective colours.
  • Aluminium of aircraft quality serves as the body.
  • Band: A 22mm silicone strap in the basic design.
  • Weight: 60–70 grammes.
  • Battery: Unknown; there with almost limitless battery services in smartwatches.
  • Bluetooth: 4.1LE, GPS, and Android 5.0+ compatible connectivity.
  • Sensors: accelerometer, heart-rate monitor, and gyroscope.

Matrix Power watch 2-Features

Although the functions of the Power watch 2 are excellent, most of them constrain conserving battery life. In addition, the recommendation for GPS to operate for 30 minutes each day impacts sports and distance tracking.

The Matrix Power watch 2 can monitor sleep, steps, heart rate, calories, distance, GPS, and swimming. Up to 20ATM, or around 200 metres, it is water-resistant.

The self-charging battery is an outstanding feature. The watch contains its solar cell and a unique Gemini thermoelectric generator. The difference in temperature between the human body and the looks generates electricity. While you can use the solar cell in the summer, this feature is fantastic in the winter.

The watch also features a stopwatch, Alarm, and Weather with Call and Notification Alerts.

Power watch 2 App

Although the app is an improvement over its predecessor, it still falls short of others in quality. We are still seeking good watch faces, improved sports integration, additional power generation and consumption data, etc.

Matrix PowerWatch Series 2 review - The Gadgeteer

The synchronisation time is much quicker than the previous generation, which took one minute. In addition, the information on sleep and heart rate tracking clearing shown.

Tracking for the Matrix Power watch

The Matrix Power watch 2’s fitness tracking is its central tracking capability, albeit the watch can only track so much.

Steps Tracking is an excellent feature. The findings are highly exact, and the distance travelled and calories burned are also provided.

Sleep tracking: When compared to smartwatches from Huawei and the Galaxy, sleep tracking is noticeably off.

Additionally inaccurate is heart rate tracking. Again, there is a sizable percentage error.

GPS tracking: GPS tracking works well. However, we can only use it for 30 minutes daily to save power. The watch’s ability to track movement and distance is an impact

Matrix Power watch 2-Battery

The watch’s mysterious battery is its main selling point. Matrix has not disclosed the size and kind of battery, but it has an almost infinite life.

The Gemini Thermoelectric Generator, one of the watch’s numerous futuristic features, can recharge itself using the temperature difference between our body and the watch. Due to the significant contrast, the feature is fantastic in the winter. However, when the body and watch are at similar temperatures in the summer, the watch cannot produce adequate electricity.

However, the watch features a solar cell that may be used in the summer to charge the battery.

The charging dock in the box is the third way to charge the watch.

Matrix Power watch 2-Drawbacks

Although Power watch 2 is a great watch, many features are either missing or could use significant enhancement. A matrix can address several drawbacks of the current Power watch model in the upcoming model.

  • The watch’s OS and Power watch app both require significant enhancements.
  • The watch does not support apps from third parties.
  • Sports, HR, and sleep tracking are the only fitness aspects that need significant enhancement to compete with competitors.
  • There is virtually little support for notifications.
  • Here, considering the watch’s features, the price is too high.


Matrix put a lot of work into this watch. As a result, the look has many improvements over the Power watch X from the previous generation, including a better screen, an upgraded body, faster battery charging, and more.

However, there is room for improvement, and functions that depend on batteries shouldn’t be constrained. Additionally, sports modes are insufficient and call, and notification alerts need to be improved.

Many people bought the watch because of the Power watch battery. However, in my opinion, the Power watch 2 is not worth that much money.

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