Zepp E Smartwatch Review (square): 5 Things To Know

Zepp E Smartwatch Review (square): 5 Things To Know

Zepp E Smartwatch Review (square): 5 Things To Know

Zepp E Smartwatch Review: If you’re reading this and believe Zepp is a brave newcomer in the very crowded smartwatch industry, you’re right.

The firm that created the brand is not new. Previously known as Amazfit, Zepp was a company that produced inexpensive intelligent wristbands. However, with this rebranding, it now has a new haircut and suit, competing in the more upscale segment of the wristwatch market.

Can the new-ish Zepp shine in a market where the Apple Watch looms large and other innovative device manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei are also improving their intelligent products?

The following list contains five important facts of Zepp E Smartwatch Review.

The Zepp E has a stylish, familiar-looking design

Two different face options are available for the Zepp E smartwatch line: the Zepp E Circle and the Zepp E Square. The square version is the one we’ve been using for a while and has a wonderfully stylish but well-known look.

Zepp E Smartwatch Review - Superwatches

The similarities to the Apple Watch will occur if you present something lozenge-style. Yes, it has a similar appearance, but we were nonetheless impressed with the design. To begin with, it is light, making it a watch you don’t mind wearing while you sleep and having a watch face that exudes style.

The standard analogue clock is a charmer and a good fusion of the old and new. However, if you want something a bit more modern, there are myriad choices, even one that closely resembles Apple’s Move rings.

The 1.65-inch (42mm) AMOLED screen features a lovely edge curve. Notifications and other things have a slight bezel around them. However, generally hidden by the UI’s dark appearance.

The option of an always-on display is a lovely touch, but the Zepp E is excellent at automatically turning on with a flick of the wrist if you want to save battery life (not that you need to, but more on that later).

The straps that come with the Zepp E series are adequate. There are two in the box; nonetheless, we would have preferred the choice of a sports strap.

It is an app-lite experience

The Zepp E has none; instead, it chose to forge its path when it came to its operating system, best described as minimal. So while most non-Apple-based smartwatches typically have a hint of Android (even if they are using an OS like Tizen), the Zepp E has none.

Zepp E Circle and Square review: two new watches for Huami, which aim high -

You must use Zepp’s own applications to track your activity because no third-party apps are available. It is acceptable if you are not dependent on any one app, but it can annoy people who like to use a specific fitness app.

It’s fitness first for the Zepp E

Third-party apps are not allow, but Zepp E’s fitness functions are excellent. For example, the activity above rings not only resemble Apple’s Move rings in appearance and functionality but also become somewhat addictive to strive to meet your step goals and other objectives to seal them off.

Zepp E Smartwatch Review: the watch that lasts 10 days between charges | The Sun

There is a heart-rate monitor that is reliable and provides comprehensive data. Your heart rate zone, which ranges from calm to maximal, is displays when you swipe up on the screen. In addition, there are choices for tracking various workouts, including swimming, due to its 5ATM water resistance certification and a PAI scorer. It measures one’s activity intelligence and can on goods like Garmin.

Sleep tracking is integrated and effective, albeit you wouldn’t realise it until you open the app. It compares your sleep to others, which is OK, but the results are embarrassing if you are overworked and have a young child. Nevertheless, there is a tonne of information on board. The Zepp E deserves extra credit for being one of the most comfortable smartwatches worn while in bed, even if we haven’t found a sleep tracker we enjoy.

As a running watch, it’s missing a trick

A simplified smartwatch, the Zepp E works well for the most part. We enjoy the user interface (UI) and how much of what you need is on just a few screens. Although it doesn’t feel crowded, some of the icons might use to be a little bit larger.

However, GPS support was one significant feature that was lacking. You miss this the most when you want to go for a run. Because there is no GPS, you must run with your phone, and even then, tracking isn’t as precise as you would like.

However, after a run, things improve as the post-run data is remarkable and provides useful details about the area you just ran on traverse and  it all works with google fit, etc.

The battery is a beauty

The Zepp E’s battery life is excellent despite the absence of GPS. The smartwatch worked well for five days before we had to charge it, and when we did, it returned to full power in around 90 minutes. (7 days claim).

It’s one of the better batteries we’ve seen in a smartwatch, but that would change if you chose the always-on display and disabled the activity tracking.


The Zepp E Smartwatch Review is a stylish, thin smartwatch that fits comfortably on the wrist and has a professional appearance.

The Zepp E has many positive aspects, including its gorgeous AMOLED display, extensive data possibilities for usage with fitness tracking, and long battery life. However, if you can overlook the UI that is too sleek and the absence of GPS, this watch performs admirably at under £200.

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