8 Best Sleep Tracker Watches in 2022 Pros and Cons

8 Best Sleep Tracker Watches in 2022 Pros and Cons

8 Best Sleep Tracker Watches in 2022 Pros and Cons

Sleep Tracker Watches-We have tested several top products to ensure they offered plenty of helpful information regarding your sleeping habits, including sleep quality, heart rate, heart rate variability, and several other data points. It will help you find the best sleep tracker to track your resting metrics accurately. Additionally, we favoured wearable devices that included additional tracking features, such as fitness and calorie tracking metrics, often in the form of a watch or band.

The Donington Smart Watch was unquestionably the finest sleep monitor we tested. This wearable gadget is a premium smartwatch that excels at tracking various indicators linked to sleep. It covers heart rate, sleep quality, and monitoring of several fitness parameters. It also allows users to make and receive phone calls, play music, and carry out other smartphone-related tasks. Keep reading for more information about the LETSCOM Smart Watch Sleep Tracker and the other items on this list. And if you want to start exercising, look at our guide to the top fitness trackers.

Top 8 Best Sleep Trackers in 2022

Donington Smart Watch Sleep Tracker

Donerton Bluetooth Wireless Smart Watch Fitness Band for Boys, Girls, Men & Women, 1.4 HD Display Smartwatch, SpO2 & Heart Rate Monitoring Activity Tracker, 5 ATM Water Resistance Sports Watch (Black) :

WHY WE LIKE IT: a top-notch wristwatch that is excellent at tracking several sleep-related parameters, such as sleep quality and resting heart rate, and also serves as a fitness tracker.


  • Seven days on a single charge
  • reliably monitors a variety of sleep-related parameters
  • Synchronizes with a smartphone for fitness monitoring and more
  • syncs to a smartphone for activity monitoring and more
  • syncs to a smartphone for fitness monitoring and more


  • Sleep tracking is reliable, although specialized devices offer more metrics.
  • There are no replacement watchbands available.

The Donington Smart Watch is the best wearable sleep tracker we tested since it is a robustly constructed, high-quality smartwatch. You won’t even realize it on your wrist while you sleep because of how accurately it tracks metrics related to sleep, like resting heart rate and sleep quality. The Donation is an excellent fitness tracker that also tracks your sleep. It connects to your smartphone so you can get texts, manage music, and more. We particularly adored the built-in battery, which can use for seven days on a single charge.

Fitbit Versa Smart Watch Sleep Tracker

Fitbit Versa review: Light, efficient and versatile smartwatch | Technology News,The Indian Express

WHY WE LIKE IT: Nowhere, Smartwatches that offer fitness tracking, smartphone integrations, and accurate tracking of four stages of sleep. In addition to being completely waterproof watches so you can swim while wearing your hands.


  • Advantages of the design being completely waterproof
  • Gorilla glass and aluminium alloy make this product incredibly robust.
  • includes four stages of sleep tracking


  • Battery life of 4 days is marginally worse than to top pick.
  • It is pricier than the top pick but constructed using more substantial materials

A waterproof product, the Fitbit Versa Smart Watch Sleep Tracker, is a solidly constructed item comprised of premium materials like aluminium alloy and unbreakable Gorilla glass. As a result, it may be used when swimming or while stranded outside in the rain. It integrates well with a related app and, as far as sleep tracking is concerned, monitors your rest periods during each of the four stages of sleep. We found this software to be both accurate and user-friendly.

Withings Sleep Pad Sleep Tracker

WHY WE LIKE IT: This specific sleep tracker is a pad that goes quickly under the mattress or bedspread. It monitors not just sleep metrics but also potential breathing problems that may result in health problems like sleep apnea.


  • The integrated app is user-friendly and educational
  • Under the mattress, the pad slips easily.
  • Alexa-enabled


  • require an electrical outlet
  • does not reveal activity indicative of restless legs syndrome

The best sleep tracker app we test pairs with the Withings Sleep Pad Sleep Tracker, which provides a wealth of data about your sleep quality. The Withings pad glides easily beneath a mattress or blanket while monitoring your breathing and alerting you to any potential health problems, such as sleep apnea, which can affect how well you sleep. We additionally adore that this gadget supports Alexa, allowing you to speak commands to access your personal information.

Even though the pad is small and you won’t likely notice it while you sleep, it does require a wall outlet, so if you don’t have direct access to one in your bedroom, you might need to rearrange your furniture. Additionally, despite being excellent at monitoring other medical diseases, it cannot identify restless leg syndrome activity. Finally, if you own a Samsung, you might want to look at the best android smartwatch alternative.

 Beautyrest Monitor Sleep Tracker

Review: The Beautyrest Sleep Tracker Provides Complex, Accurate Reports

WHY WE LIKE IT: This specialized sleep tracker is programmed with cutting-edge AI and a collection of really potent sensors, resulting in highly accurate measurements, with an integrated app that gives personalized sleep coaching, among other things.


  • works with all mattress types
  • provides personalized sleep coaching
  • Simple to understand app


  • must plug in it.
  • Does not monitor breathing

The Beautyrest Monitor Sleep Tracker is a sturdily constructed sleep-tracking gadget that fits beneath the mattress and works with any bed style, independent of the boxspring. This Alexa-enabled tracker packs advanced sensors and best-in-class AI that precisely assesses your sleep quality and provides individualized coaching to improve sleep in the future. In addition, we adored the integrated app, which was simple to use and crammed with intriguing and valuable content.

However, it would help if you plugged in this smartwatch. Like most specialist sleep trackers, ensure your bed is close to a power outlet. Additionally, while tracking sleep quality admirably, this product cannot track breathing, a function offered by our third-place option. To determine which Fitbit is ideal for you, compare it to those highly rated.

L8star Fitness and Sleep Tracker

Buy L8star Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor Real-Time Pedometer Calorie Counter Sport Activity Tracker Sleep Monitoring Sedentary and Call Reminder for iOS and Android Online at Lowest Price in

WHY WE LIKE IT: It has a long-lasting battery that provides a standby life of 30 days and 15 days of use, a reliable 4-stage sleep tracker, and a silent alarm for waking up.


  • extensive, intricate presentation
  • States of sleep on Tracks 4
  • to wake up with a soft alarm


  • The integrated app lacks some features compared to some picks.
  • Despite being water-resistant, not waterproof

This L8star Fitness and Sleep Tracker is a wearable smartwatch with specific sleep monitoring features that measure resting states and four metrics. It also has a built-in silent alarm that gently wakes you up without disturbing your sleep. We also adored its built-in battery, which provides 15 days of use on a single charge and 30 days of standby time while charging in just two hours, and its full social media integration for sharing sleep metrics.

The integrated software is a little underwhelming and, at times, challenging to grasp, even though the sleep sensors are trustworthy. Also, remember that this smartwatch isn’t waterproof, so avoid submerging it in deep water or using it in wet conditions.

 Lintelek Fitness and Sleep Tracker Watches

Lintelek Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor, Activity Tracker, Pedometer Watch with Connected GPS, Waterproof Calorie | Walmart Canada

WHY WE LIKE IT: Affordable sleep monitor with a wide range of high-end features, such as the capacity to serve as a good activity monitor with a built-in pedometer and a quick-charge battery.


  • Compact, light, and comfortable design
  • Fast-charging batteries
  • keeps track of sleep and fitness metrics


  • not watertight
  • may import no data for analysis on a computer.

Although affordable, the Lintelek Fitness and Sleep Trackers however equipped with precise sleep sensors that may provide a wealth of valuable stats. Both the vast selection of band colour and style options and the quick-charge battery with a built-in USB connection is fantastic. In addition to tracking sleep, we appreciate that it measures various fitness and activity indicators.

This sleep tracker does interact with some fitness and sleep applications, like Google Fit. Still, it does not allow you to upload data to your computer for analysis, limiting you to simply seeing data on a smartphone. Additionally, as this is not a waterproof gadget, you should avoid wearing it in the shower.

Samsung Active2 Galaxy Watch and Sleep Tracker Watches

WHY WE LIKE IT: Features updates and extremely accurate sleep trackers, stainless steel designs that we find pretty sturdy, and mixings with Samsung’s “Calm” apps on watches to categorize and relieve stress.


  • Excellent for reducing stress
  • modernized and advanced sleep monitors
  • Smartwatch excels at a variety of tasks


  • more pricey than other goods on this list
  • Battery last around five days on a single charge.

With a built-in connection with the acclaimed “Calm” software, which can identify and provide advice to reduce stress levels, this Samsung Active2 Galaxy Watch and Sleep Tracker is a wearable wristwatch that aids with stress and tracking sleep. We particularly adored the robust stainless steel construction and the new collection of sleep sensors, which offers precise tracking. In addition, this is a premium smartwatch that excels at many things beyond sleep and fitness tracking.

However, remember that this smartwatch is more expensive than our other recommendations before purchasing. Additionally, we discovered the battery only lasts about five days on a single charge, although some of the top choices on the list above last as long as 15 days on a single account.

Apple Watch Series 5 Sleep Tracker Watches

WHY WE LIKE IT: With an exquisite Retina display, advanced health tracking metrics, and a best-in-class ECG heart rate sensor, this design is incredibly robust and composed of aluminium alloy.

Track your sleep with Apple Watch - Apple Support (IN)


  • benefits of sophisticated health monitoring skills
  • Incredible retina display
  • fully complies with the software package offered by Apple


  • costlier than alternative options
  • The battery lasts for 18 hours.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is the best smartphone on the market, with a sturdy build made almost entirely of aluminium alloy and access to various bands for aesthetic purposes. We particularly adored the stunning Retina display. The watch offers access to several health trackers, including an ECG heart rate monitor that can further assess the quantity and quality of your sleep.

Even though this wristwatch is the most costly on this list, we loved that it gives users access to the full suite of Apple apps and works well with the iPhone. Additionally, the battery’s low-end performance of only 18 hours before needing to be recharged.

Best Sleep Tracker Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider Sleep Tracker Watches

Tracker Type

There are typically two types of sleep monitors. First, there are dedicated types that often slide over the box spring and under your mattress. The specialized sleep monitoring pads often provide more sleep-related data and can measure breathing due to the nature of their design. Some even keep an eye on your sleeping environment, movement, sleep cycles, and snoring. While smartwatches fall short in sleep tracking, they more than makeup for it by providing fitness tracking features like heart rate variability and full smartphone connection, which allows you to read text messages and other similar things.

Integrated Apps

Each of the goods above works well with a specific app used on a smartphone or desktop computer. Most of these applications make it simple to view weeks and months’ worth of sleep-related data points, and some even provide helpful tips on falling asleep faster and resting more efficiently. These apps all have slightly different features. Depending on the tracker, these apps may examine much more than sleep, including heart rate tracking, breathing, sleep cycles, and several fitness measures.

Material Durability

To ensure a long product life, choose a durable sleep tracker. Ensure your product is constructed of strong and long-lasting materials to accomplish this. Many smartwatches mentioned above, for instance, are composed of steel or aluminium alloy; others have Gorilla glass, which is virtually unbreakable.


Yes. Sleep Tracker Watches Although using a sleep test at an actual clinic is more reliable, sleep trackers are far less accurate. In addition, it has changed in recent years due to the addition of sophisticated sensors. The products on the list above come from numerous well-known sleep tracker producers, including Withings, Beautyrest, and Samsung.

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