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Influence Of The Constant Rise Of The Dollar In The Renewal Of Software Licenses

The Constant Rise Of Dollar In The Renewal Of Software License

The Constant Rise Of Dollar In The Renewal Of Software License – Current technology offers its users so many advantages and possibilities that industries of all types have not been able to refuse the opportunity to optimize their processes, increase their profits, improve their relationship with their customers and reduce costs due to ineffective or inefficient processes. . However, each tool, program, software and system that these companies use to make their operation more efficient undoubtedly carries certain costs with it. Although it is impossible to deny that technology allows us to save hundreds of resources in terms of money and time, to see these results it is necessary to make an investment first.

Up to this point, there is no surprise; However, what happens when external factors affect the prices of this type of technological tools and, consequently, our pockets? Well, many entrepreneurs, unfortunately, tend to erroneously decrease their level of digital transformation in favor of saving some money, a fact that ultimately ends in greater economic losses. But what if we told you that this doesn’t have to be the case for you?

At newdigitalhub we understand that the constant rise of the dollar can generate changes in the sales values ​​of software and program licenses; however, instead of closing in on the digital evolution, we help you manage all these tools, so that you can ensure that every dollar invested in them really generates returns for your company. If you want to know how we do it, keep reading! In this note we explain it.

Rise of the dollar worldwide

It is an undeniable reality that the dollar for several years has maintained an upward trend that completely overshadows other currencies such as the Colombian peso. he beginning of this phenomenon can be traced back to around 2014, when the price of raw materials, including oil, began to plummet. By April 2018, the dollar was already trading at 2,707 Colombian pesos, a significant difference compared to its value of 1,843 pesos in July 2014.

Today, the dollar continues to remain well above the price of our currency, Reaching a new all-time high of $5,957 Colombian pesos in Feb of this year. However, this terrifying phenomenon is not only harming us Colombians, but is also wreaking havoc on the world economy. According to estimates made by some economists, the world could soon have to face stagflation, that is, a slowdown in the growth of the economy together with an extremely high inflation rate.

How does the rise in the dollar affect the technology sector?

With the devaluation of the Colombian peso reaching 25.75% this year, all industries, regardless of their market focus, are affected by the unstoppable rise of the dollar. Among the different sectors, of course, technology is no exception. Due to the low price of our currency, the purchasing power we have to import and pay in dollars for technological products such as cell phones, laptops, household appliances and others abroad is, for obvious reasons, extremely limited.

Similarly, companies that use software licenses and other technological solutions in their operations to increase productivity in their processes are also not exempt from the consequences of the rise in the dollar in the country. This is due to the fact that any purchase or renewal of license contracts is also billed in dollars, a fact that forces the businessman to spend much more money than estimated, due to the low purchasing power in Colombian pesos.

How newdigitalhub can help you?

The impact of the dollar on technology is evident and cannot be stop unless our currency stops losing value in the market; However, since all this is out of our control, we as businessmen only have to take all the appropriate measures to prevent this external situation from generating terrible effects on our business.

Keep in mind that your company does need to stay ahead of technological advances so that it can continue to provide quality services to its customers and can continue to compete against other companies that offer similar services and products. For this reason, stopping renewing all of your software licenses is not a viable solution. In fact, the correct path is to maintain a more effective control in software licensing , through which the life cycle of these computer assets is monitored, their useful life is optimize and if their characteristics do not offer any benefit to the organization , replace them with tools with greater added value.

Monitoring And Management

Although these monitoring and management sounds exhausting, they do not have to be if you have our Software Asset Management and Software License Optimization service. With our software we not only allow you to make the most of the investment you make in licenses, but we also provide you with high-value information regarding the usefulness of these tools and the advantages they can offer you, so that you can know what you really need. your company in terms of software. Even if you do not have the team of professionals specialized in the effective handling and management of software licenses, we can do it for you. At New Digital Hub we are waiting for you, do not hesitate any longer.

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