Uses of AI in companies

Uses of AI in companies

Uses of AI in companies – Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that, with each passing day, gains more and more importance in society and in the global economy. This is because AI has the potential to significantly transform many aspects of daily life and the way companies run each of their processes. Some of the reasons why AI is so fundamental today revolve around the fact that this technological solution improves efficiency, precision at work and increases the level of customization in many areas. This fact makes it a very valuable tool for companies and organizations that seek to optimize their processes and offer high-quality services to their customers.

In order for you to learn a little more about the potential for improvement that AI offers, below we share the main applications and uses that artificial intelligence has in companies from different sectors and business areas:

Data analysis

 AI can help companies analyze large amounts of data and extract valuable information from it. For example, it can be used to analyze customer behavior, detect patterns that may indicate a greater willingness to purchase certain products or services, and increase the efficiency of business processes or employee performance.

Improved decision-making

 AI helps companies make more informed and efficient decisions by providing accurate analysis and predictions regarding: their processes, their customers, their operation, etc.

Process automation

 AI can be used to automate countless processes within businesses. From all areas such as inventory management, customer service, billing, accounting, logistics, receipt of purchases and orders, issuance and delivery of certificates, supplier portal, human resources, sales, inventory, among others. Keep in mind that through RPA ( robotic process automation ), bots allow you to:

  • Reduce personnel costs.
  • Save time.
  • Reduce variability in production.
  • Optimize and improve the level of efficiency in the execution of processes.
  • Increase the quality and reliability of data, reports and jobs.
  • Improve the registration and control of the procedures that are carried out, thanks to the fact that the bots always document each action they carry out.

Increase the number of high-value sales

Thanks to the fact that artificial intelligence is useful for analyzing data and identifying patterns within consumer behavior, instead of capturing low-value leads, AI contributes to refining the sales funnel of quickly and with a higher level of accuracy than a partner can offer.

Assistance services: among other uses of artificial intelligence, this technological solution also provides automated assistance services, such as chatbots that can interact with customers and provide information or solutions to their problems, without the need for a collaborator to intervene .

Trend prediction: to make strategic and competitive decisions, artificial intelligence is the perfect tool, since it captures historical and predicts future trends, which, in addition to allowing you to stay ahead of the needs of customers and consumers, also helps to direct their marketing efforts towards the most promising products.

Offering of new products and services

in addition to all of the above, artificial intelligence programs can be used to design and develop new products and services, using machine learning and optimization techniques. This can help your company innovate and offer unique and compelling solutions to your customers. Also, due to the ever-changing conditions and needs of users, AI allows you to tailor product or service offerings to each customer individually, which can increase the likelihood that they will buy.

Now that you know more than 5 artificial intelligence applications in companies, what are you waiting for to take your digital transformation process to another level through the technological solutions provided by AI? Remember that at newdigitalhub we can offer you not only exclusive services focused on process automation, but we can also provide you with personalized consulting on digital transformation . Do not miss the opportunity to start this 2023 at the forefront of the needs of your clients and consumers and better adopt the best technologies that newdigitalhub has for you.

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