Problem management through SAM

Problem management through SAM

Software Asset Management (SAM), also known as software file management, is the tool that is responsible for executing all those effective processes for the protection and control of software files managed by a company or business. Because it is a cluster of processes, the SAM is made up of multiple key points for the development of organizational strategies related to Information Technology and operates in each of the stages of a project’s life cycle.

Taking into account the above, it is possible to identify that the SAM is a tool that is directly involved in multiple scenarios and that is why it also allows the management and resolution of problems through software. Therefore, if you are interested in delving into how the SAM is a key point for resolving critical events, we invite you to join us in reading the following note.

Importance of Problem Management

Incidents in any company or business are, in most cases, unavoidable. It is crucial to recognize this aspect, since only when faced with the possibility of danger is it possible to propose better contingency and security strategies to prevent undesirable scenarios from occurring in the organizational landscape.

Of course, the idea of ​​suffering some kind of threat, losing an important file or requiring future restructuring does not sound very attractive. It is clear that companies with complex systems need to be reliable for their clients and adequately manage the information provided, so learning to manage different types of problems is a priority in terms of success and guarantees.

In this sense, when a company understands that it is exposed to unavoidable failures (which can be large or small), actions to manage critical events become a priority and that is where SAM and problem management software come in. . To do so, Software Asset Management takes care

  • The strategic negotiation of IT products and solutions.
  • License usage analysis.
  • Support in software audits.
  • The design of best corporate practices.
  • Software license management.

Benefits of using SAM to manage your problems

Now that you know the importance of keeping your company’s assets protected, we think it’s important that you know how SAM helps you in the problem management process and what are some of its benefits.

– Unification of platforms: because the SAM is in charge of the management of software assets , it is easier to unify certain platforms and organize in a much more visible and efficient way the data that a company really has and needs. In this sense, risks derived from the loss of information can be avoided and the automation of different organization procedures and workflows can also be optimized.

– Cost reduction: when SAM is implemented in a company, it is possible to avoid overlapping and also improve the use given to the licenses purchased. In this sense, when there is a better internal foundation of the organizational assets, the costs invested in software are reduced and the need to obtain extra money to cover incidents related to software malfunction is also avoided.

– IT Automation: Through the use of SAM, many processes can be automated and workflows can be used that are focused on customization or specific business needs. In this way, the way in which a company operates internally is always in line with the determining objectives for the business and details are avoided in internal procedures or executions.

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