Cyber resistance: what is it and what is its importance

Cyber resistance_ what is it and what is its importance

Cyber: The new technologies, in addition to bringing with them a more dynamic way of carrying out processes, have also brought some concerns. Due to the fact that today there are digital assistants, artificial intelligence and data circulates in information banks or specialized software, many people have begun to question how secure their information is.

With the aim of providing greater peace of mind to users who are supporters of new technologies, cyber resilience or cybernetic resistance has arrived as a practical way of conceiving current hyperconnected processes with more peace of mind. Therefore, with the purpose of deepening this concept and discovering its importance, we invite you to join us in reading the following article.

What is cyber resistance?

Cyber ​​resilience is a tool that current technological systems are equipped with so that they have the ability to recover from failures and ensure that all business operations are protected from potential threats. Due to all of the above, cyber resilience guarantees:

  • Cyber ​​
  • Appropriate risk management.
  • Data recovery after failures.
  • Defense against cybercrime, cyber espionage and cyber hacktivism.

Why is cyber resilience important for companies?

It is important to stand in mind that the optimization of business processes and digital transformation prevents old security measures from being equally effective. This is largely because as information management systems evolve, your rescue media must too. Therefore, cybernetic resistance appears as a key solution to solve new problems and also allows:

– That there be improvements in the security of the different information management systems, software or digital administrators.

– That there is a reduction in the loss of information, in the reprocessing or even in the irreparable damage of the systems.

– Reduced financial losses because hazards are less likely and data corruption is rare.

– That both companies and clients have security measures against the handling and storage of their valuable data.

– Compliance with the regulatory requirements regarding the handling of digital information.

– That the loyalty and trust of the clients is maintained due to the good use and management of the information.

– That there is greater competitiveness in the market due to good internal processes and management of information technologies.


It is essential to consider all the above advantages, since they allow us to understand the way in which cyber resistance operates and invite more people to be aware of its importance and good management. However, in order to ensure that all the above processes can be executed properly, it is important to have an expert in digital transformation consulting .

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