Air Conditioner is not Turning On.

Air Conditioner is not Turning On.

Air Conditioner is not Turning On. – After the spring months, in which you will hardly have used your air conditioner, summer and heat arrive. It’s time to kick it off, and “Oh! Surprise! It does not work”. If you have encountered this situation, the first thing is not to be alarmed, as it is usually due to breakdowns or minor circumstances that you can solve yourself.

On other occasions, it may be due to a device breakdown that requires a professional’s help. However, we already anticipate that they usually have an easy solution. Our team of new digital hubs with significant experience is at your disposal to help you.

Possible Causes: why does the air Conditioner not Start?

 Electrical problem

The first thing you should check is that the entire electrical system of your home is in perfect condition. Check the electrical panel to ensure that the corresponding magneto-thermal switch is in the correct position or that the light has not tripped.

Remote control – Air Conditioner is not Turning On.

Remote control

If the electrical power source works correctly, the problem may be in the remote control of the appliance or thermostat. Check that it emits a signal toward the infrared receiver of the machine. You can do it with your mobile phone. Turn on the phone’s camera. He grabs the remote for the air conditioner and points it at the phone. [If pressing any button works correctly, you should see infrared light on the phone’s camera]. If you don’t see it, the remote may have no batteries, or it may have been damaged. If the remote does effort, the problem may be with the air conditioning installation, and you need our help.

Possible faults – Air Conditioner is not Turning On.

If the fault is in the Ac unit, it will typically have an easy solution. Among the possible malfunctions, the mark may be that a fuse on the board has blown, that the fan has been dropped or damaged, that the transformer on the electronic board is not working correctly, or that the speed selector is dirty.

5 Possible Reasons why your air Conditioner won’t turn on

Problems with your weather? We give you 5 reasons why your air conditioner does not turn on.



First, check that there are no electrical faults in the house or connections that correspond to the air conditioning.


Some mini-split models have an emergency button inside; test if the device turns on when you press it; if so, the most likely problem is the control.


Ensure that the remote has batteries and sends the signal correctly to the receiver. Ensure that the infrared light turns on; for this, you can support yourself by pointing the light towards your cell phone’s camera since it is not visible to the naked eye.


If your equipment is digital, it could be that the fuse on the board is terrible.


you may not turn on the air conditioner on handheld units because of ants; yes, you heard right, ants. Check that these insects are not inside the ignition switch. It is common for them to enter and block the passage of electricity to the button.


After the spring months, in which you will hardly have used your air conditioner, summer and heat arrive. It’s time to kick it off and “Oh! Surprise! It does not work. If you have previously tried all of the overhead and it still doesn’t turn on, it is best to call the technician since it is probably something more serious, and only he can make an accurate diagnosis.

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