Advantages of implementing SAM in your company

Advantages of implementing SAM in your company

Software Asset Management (SAM), also known as software asset management , is a practice that aims to protect, optimize and manage information technology (IT) on which a company’s data is processed. With the implementation of this system, many risks associated with the investment of resources can be reduced and guarantee the effectiveness of the stages of the IT life cycles.

Due to the great results that software asset management brings with it, we want to share with you a series of benefits that we consider to be key when it comes to understanding the operation, effectiveness, and need for SAM strategies in your company.

What are the benefits of implementing SAM in a company?

– Risk reduction: when Software Asset Management is implemented , it is possible to reject the use of other operating software that is not intended for the corporate sector, ensure that regulations and laws are accurately complied with, minimize security risks data and eliminate potential penalties associated with bad audits.

– Increased efficiency in operations: SAM is an effective way to analyze the information given to implement more effective internal processes, execute quality strategic plans, take advantage of competitive advantages and demonstrate the business potential of your business. Therefore, operations are transformed and bring valuable results as a consequence.

– Saving time and money: having to make reactive purchases of software and computer assets is not the same as being able to make planned and justified acquisitions knowing what is really used and needed. Anticipating growth needs allows you to save money in negotiations with software manufacturers.

– Allows you to get rid of additional software: Once the practice of software asset management is applied, it replaces many other processes that previously required overlapping, non-integrated and outdated applications.

Key points to choose the best SAM in a company

There are many services that can be of benefit when implementing tools that cover the entire life cycle of IT assets. However, there are three key points that define that the SAM is reliable and useful for your business:

  1. There is clarity in the rights acquired based on ownership documents that can demonstrate what are the acquisitions made and the conditions of use by the owner.
  2. Periodic measurements are carried out to confirm the actual use of the computer products and guarantee that said use is supported by acquired rights of use.
  3. There are security policies that regulate the administration of computer assets throughout their life cycle, with which standardization is guaranteed in all software processes.

Once all these criteria are met, it is also important to show what type of services can be accessed thanks to SAM, in order to have a clear optimization of software licenses  and allow customers to make the most of their investments

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